How to choose your Latino dancing shoes
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How to choose your Latino dancing shoes

Choosing the right shoes for dancing is a critical part of success for any dancer. Latino dancing requires movements that can put a lot of pressure in both, your upper and lower body. This pressure will be transmitted to the floor by your shoes. Wearing a pair of shoes appropriated to your dance style will give your back, hips, and legs the support needed. It also will protect you from injuries.

Wearing a pair of shoes appropriated to your dance style will give your back, hips, and legs the support needed. It also will protect you from injuries. Besides, using the right shoes, you will look stylish and elegant while dancing. Everyday shoes won’t work if you're going to be a regular on the dance floor. So, investing in the right shoes will allow you to show off the best dancing technique.

A Latino dancer needs good support, flexibility and, comfort from their shoes. Strains, tendon damage, and stress fractures are injuries caused by dancing in poor quality footwear.

Latino dancing shoes for women and men

For ballroom and Latin, all dance shoes are very light-weight and flexible. They have non-slip suede soles which give you the necessary grip and balance for pivoting moves. Also, they have a metal shank in the arch for support.

For women, shoes are often made of leather and as diverse as dance styles. Latino dancers usually dress in open-toed shoes or strappy sandals with a heel generally ranging from 1 to 3 inches in height. If you don’t usually dance in heels maybe you’ll prefer to use low heels. Slim heels make some moves easier while flared heels provide more stability for Latino dances.

Pump shoes have a closed toe, are open along the sides and are secured with an ankle strap. In Latino dance woman’s sandals; the toe has to be close to the shoe front. Some women like to have their toes extended over the shoe edge so that they can feel the floor when dancing.

In any case, the shoes you choose have to offer you good control and make you look sexy. Their prices can go from $85 to $150.

Men's Latino dance shoes are lightweight and flexible oxfords with a 1 to 2-inch heel. They have suede soles. Their typical colors are white, black, two-tone, and other color combinations.

The shoes can be made of leather or patent leather. The fit should be comfortable. Most men only buy Latino dancing shoes for competition purposes. Prices range from $100 to $150.

How to buy Latino dancing shoes.

Here we show you the things you have to see when buying your new pair of shoes for the Latin dance: The Fit: The correct shoe fitting for dancing Latino rhythms should allow having your toes at the shoe edge. This is because you’ll be dancing forward on your foot while performing on the dancing floor. You should select a tight but comfortable fit which doesn't press your toe.

Dance shoes sizing and fitting depends on the manufacturer location. Different size charts are used in UK, Europe, US and, Asian. You have to check where the shoes were manufactured and check the corresponding chart.

The sole: Non-slip soles are indispensable. Rubber soles can stick to the floor causing ankle and knee injuries, and leather soles can slide too much. Suede soles offer the right combination between grip and slide for Latino dancing.

The insole: A quality insole will reduce injury risks. It absorbs shock and adapts to the foot shape. You have to select that one which gives you a balance between comfort and stability.

Heels: Pro dancer women use the 2 1/2″ or 3″ heel heights to give themselves a stylish look. There are available shoes in a 2″ heel too. Ladies heels are generally available in flared and slim heel tips. The flared tip offers a bit more stability.

Fabrics: Leather and satin are the most popular. Satin is the material chosen for most dancers. Professional competitors usually use flesh colored shoes to make look their legs longer.

Finally, we recommend you to buy in person your first pair of Latin dance shoes. Don’t do it online or from a catalog. When shopping tries several styles and brands. Also could be useful to ask to your dance instructor or experienced dancers at your club.


Over the last years, the footwear options for Latino dance have become very broad thanks to the popularity of the dancing TV shows. But now you know that investing in a quality Latino dancing shoes its worth. In fact, this is the best equipment for enjoying dancing. Also, you’ll keep in mind that the right shoe choice about comfort and fit will be exclusive to your foot. So let’s go to the best dancing shoes store near you and select those which make you the best dancer.

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