How dance exercise benefits health.

How dance exercise benefits health.

The idea of seeing dance as an exercise was not common until a few years ago. With the passing time, people have realized that dancing can be an excellent workout option. In fact, dancing regularly is accepted as one of the best ways to stay healthy.Nowadays, dancing benefits are well known. Many scientific types of research confirm that dancing habitually helps to reach important health benefits.

Why dancing benefits your health.

It's good for your heart: According to Dr Eva Ferrer Vidal-Barraquer, Specialist in Sports Medicine from FC Barcelona, the greatest health benefits are provided by cardiovascular activities such as walking, running, swimming ... and dancing! Latino dancing is an excellent cardiovascular exercise to stay in shape.

The regular dancing cardio workout will increase your heart rate, decrease your blood pressure and improve blood circulation. And there are still more benefits! Aerobic activity is excellent for decreasing bad cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar levels.

It strengthens muscles and bones: also the muscles, joints and skeleton are benefited by the movements of each dance style. Dancing will make you use your core muscles and those in your back. The choreography will make you work your arms and lower body, and you’ll improve motor skills.

Likewise, although you won't lift weights moving your body weight is important. It will help you to generate muscle strength and improve flexibility.

It helps you keep in fit: It's very well known that being overweight can lead to a lot of health problems. The Latino dancing workout is a very fun way to tone muscles and maintain weight levels in a healthy range. If you dance at the proper heart rate you can burn body fat so that you could replace the gym with the dance. Besides, you will get less tired when walking or climbing a hill.

It generates a well-being sense: Latino dancing raises endorphins levels and other feel-good substances which lead you to feel stress-free. It will improve your memory too because you’ll need to remember steps to master the routines.

Dancing is life for everybody!

Dancing is an excellent activity at any age and for both sexes. Even pregnant women can enjoy the dancing benefits following their doctor guidelines.

For early ages, dancing is ideal to start working coordination. With children, it usually begins as a game to finish becoming choreography.

Young people take dances with intense rhythms, high energetic wear and cardiovascular exigency. It is the best moment to enjoy dancing since the body is in full yield. The muscles and skeleton will be reinforced and more flexible.

In the case of adults, Dr Ferrer recommends “dances shouldn't be excessively demanding for heart and muscles”. If at earlier ages you have danced, when adult you can continue doing so by adapting to your physical condition. In any case, you can avoid jumps or sudden movements without ceasing to enjoying it.

Likewise, time when pregnant women were limited to be resting on the bed is gone. For non high-risk pregnancies, women are now stimulated to get out and being active. Pregnant women encouraged by their doctors get benefits from dancing like healthy blood circulation, increased toned muscles, and stress reduction. Besides, you can expel toxins from your body through the sweat you generate.

Fine tips to enjoy dancing at fullest

Stretch muscles: You shouldn’t take dancing lightly. Its good stretch muscles before starting off as you do before training in a gym. Stretching is very important because it prevents possible injuries. Don’t forget some dance moves are tough and apply pressure on your muscles. Stretching for a while will lead you to enjoy your dancing session.

The social element: Dancing helps people get into social groups because they work together on an enjoyable activity. Dancing generates excellent interactions which lead to know new people. Thanks to dance classes you can break down inhibitions and encouraging positive relationships.

You can do it at home and for free! (Almost). If you prefer to stay at home or you can’t afford the classes cost you can follow enjoying by watching dancing workout videos. Likewise, you don't have to spend a lot of money on buying implements or clothing. You just need comfortable sports shoes.

Pay attention to your body. If you have any medical condition and you don’t feel right while dancing, check with your doctor before continuing.

After having seen all its excellent benefits we can understand why dancing is enjoyed by the whole human beings. Dancing cardio workout produces incredible benefits in our body. It helps you get stress-free and lead to create social connections in a funny environment.

There isn't anything else to say. You have no more excuses. Just put on comfortable clothing and dance like nobody's watching!

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